5 things NuGet could learn from NPM

Richard Astbury's Blog

While I was at the MVP summit this year I attended a session on OSS & Microsoft. We concluded that more could be done to encourage open source contribution in the community. We agreed that technologies like NuGet enable these kinds of projects, but there is  room for improvement.

Package Management is core to the Node.js community. Largely because Node doesn’t do much on it’s own. The NPM command line tool is powerful and simple, and the NPM registry website is good. There are about twice the number of packages in NPM compared to NuGet. At the time of writing 56 million packages have been downloaded from NuGet, NPM does that in two months. Yet I would estimate there are far more C# developers out there compared to Noders.

So what can NuGet learn from NPM? Ignoring the underlying technology, the NPM website itself exposes a number of useful pieces…

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